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with final preparations for wellspring being done and staged in the living room by the wonderful vitaminJ last night as i cooked dinner, my pre-festival-angst is down to say....yellow and/or defcon 3.

i will not be dissuaded by today's weekend forecast per weather.com, which has a tad more rain in it than it did earlier in the week. rain i can deal with as long as it is also warm, which it appears it shall be. this has not changed.

and thus i am happy.

in less than 48 hours i will be away from students, colleagues, traffic, neighbors, and irritating christians with jesus fish and 'pray for our troops' yellow ribbon magnets and bible verse license plates. (as opposed to non irritating christians such as those on my f-list :)

in less than 48 hours i will be breathing in clean air, watching a gazillion more stars than i could possibly see here and sharing in frith and friendship around fires.

in less than 48 hours i will arise in the early morning sun, showering in the cool air as the hot water hits my skin.

(gotta love outdoor showers)

in less than 48 hours i will sleep on the earth. i will make love to my husband as i hear the heartbeat of the earth echoing in distant drumbeats, with torchlights flickering on the walls of my tent, and feel transported back to some distant time.

(note: must get torches)

in less than 48 hours i will commune with my gods and they with me, in a temple of azure skies, green leaves, and brown earth.

i will be more me than i am anywhere else.
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