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As always, this will prolly be long so it'll be behind cuts...


We left late. there was massive rain. it took 4 hours to get to the ohio/kentucky border, where it normally takes 2. this put us even further behind than when we had started, so by the time we were getting close, we were tired and i was afraid we'd not make it before the park closed. so we stopped in corydon for the night.


got up, had complementary breakfast, and hit the road. arrived at TM by around 8:30 and joined the early morning folk for coffee. vitaminJ had second breakfast. got our cabin assignment, unloaded, unpacked. vitaminJ be-kilted himself and the moot began!!

i went to the soul lore workshop part 1 first. still over my head, as i'm so NOT into the lore yet, as i know i should be (both for the celts and the germans...bad tanrinia!) but interesting nonetheless, and i wrote down some cool stuff. i'm sure there was another workshop i attended, but i can't remember it now. i would lay odds it was good, still. most of the day was committee meetings for some folks, but i reconnected with those i could. this is, of course, the best part of TM :)

friday evening was maze ritual, which i had managed to somehow miss every other year, and the seidh, which i had only seen once, having a really bad headache and having to leave last year. so i was determined to get to both.

the maze was good. for those on the dedicant program i can HONESTLY say that 20 weeks of practice meditation...WORKS! i was more able to get to a ritual mindset than i have been (still a ways to go) for both this and the seidh ritual. so STICK WITH IT!

While walking the maze, i knew we were in a field in indiana, and others were there, but that was kinda it. as i walked towards the center, where mimir's well sat, i was overcome with the notion that i had some unfinished business with my late uncle. i had been angry at him, and while we had come to a more comfortable understanding it seemed before he died, it still felt ...undone. so i was told at the seidh, i had to apologize to him. then when i got to the center and looked in mimir's well...i saw nothing. but it didn't matter, i had received the message. i drank from the horn and walked out.

afterwards at the seidh, i again was really more able to get into the mindset much more easily, albeit still imperfectly. however, opening myself up to that opens me up to everyone else's feelings and emotions, as i felt ALL OF IT. ESPECIALLY one woman who was VERY distraught and had to be assisted by the warders. all of her pain, fear, anguish, washed over me, to the point where i thought i would have to leave or pass out. no exaggeration.

apparently, my next task is to learn how to open for ritual, but also shield from such things. my hat is off to the seidhkonas (is that the right word?)....i don't know how they can do it.

finally i got up the nerve to go up and apologize to my uncle. which i did. and he forgave me.

i sat back down, but i still had two more questions swirling in my head. i wanted to make sure others had a chance and not hog my turn. so i decided to wait until the next woman got into the chair. however, she had two fairly intense experiences back-to-back, and couldn't stay long :( so i missed my chance with that. still, i went to bed feeling i had accomplished something.

er, well, not right away of course....there was more passing of horns of various things near the dining hall, talking with folks who had been in meetings all day and general mirth and merriment :)


let's see.....

i've decided the best thing about festivals is the 'morning coffee club.' two weekends in a row of that.

Saturday a.m. was the general members meeting which was upbeat, positive, and very forward thinking. as always, i am excited about where the troth can go as an organization, and hope it gets there.

alas, i was grading papers throughout the day since i had to give them back to students on monday.

there was a workshop on animal allies, which was not what i expected, but good nonetheless. i also attended the sort of panel discussion on seidh, which gave some good background. i think i may want to try to take some seidh training, not necessarily to sit on the high seat, but i think it might help me with that whole 'be-open-for-ritual-but-not-to-EVERYTHING' thing i have going on (see above).

skaldic and mead competition. our friend j won in the mead AGAIN (two years in a row!). vitaminj did not :( there's always next year! many of the songs in the skaldic brought me to near-tears again.

the idunna blot, in which about half a dozen of us thought was about 45 minutes before it was actually scheduled. so we had an impromptu discussion of troth history :) finally, idunna blot for REAL, and i actually KNEW THE SONG this time. yay me! many well wishes were spoken for the troth. i again honored tyr and forseti (who was working OVERTIME that weekend, i think).

oh, i should meantion, i finally met [livejournal.com profile] hearthstone after 2 days of going up to women i didn't know and saying "are you hearthstone?" :) i believe we DID actually meet last year. she rocked then, and she rocks now :)

after blot was feast, which was awesome. however, vitaminJ and i are getting old, so we went visiting friends' cabin we had not seen much, passed the horn, got tired and went to bed. so we missed the symbl. which was too bad, i had a really witty toast to make to my cousin who died.

i also kept looking for someone to read runes for me for those two seidh questions. [livejournal.com profile] lwood said she would, but then she, i, and her runes seemed to never match up in the same place. oh well :)


got up, coffee club, packed the car. volunteered for clean up detail and wandered around camp both doing goodbyes and clean ups, collecting live journal nicks :) much hugs and good byes followed. then it was off to the denny's at the freeway for food and MORE goodbyes.

as we were going home (north on I-71, to be exact) we saw THREE different rainbows. one would fade, then in a mile or so there would be another one. one was even a double. hail heimdall!! came home to very pissed off kitties (who have since forgiven us).

all in all, two thumbs up. i was soooo glad to meet some new folks and reconnect with 'old' folks. :) hopefully it's in indiana again next year!
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