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i was just gonna put dayton and dublin together, as it really is just one festival, interrupted briefly by a work week. however, this dayton one is getting too long for that....

dayton. what can i say? the dayton celtic festival has really grown on us. it's small, but not too small. beautiful location on the bank of the miami river. AND they have guinness, harp, and smithwick!!!! AND IT'S FREE!!!!

saw our friends in homeland and the firestarters. Homeland debuted the t-shirt vitaminJ designed for them (green shamrock on black). roger offered to teach me irish, (good pr: flirt with the smitten lassies) and he and his wife tried to talk us up for the next time the band goes to ireland. OKAY, I'M GOING! ran in to T of knot fibb'n. ran into many people, really. an interesting breed, celtic-festival goers. the divine [livejournal.com profile] aislinggheal was there, looking extremely hot as always. our friend M from indy, S from california, and several others who we see 2-3 times a year at celtic festivals. also got to see [livejournal.com profile] _boy_ and [livejournal.com profile] lillassea at their booth, which was busy whenever we went by (but apparently NOT when we were also hiding from the sun, with all the other customers!) some day we're going to have to go somewhere they aren't working and just hang with them for a bit. the guys at the utilikilt booth seemed to remember us from last year (more good pr? pretend you remember people?)

gaelic storm was good as always. but..... their bodhran player amicably left the band (although did join in for a few songs the friday night set) and i didn't think it would change the sound that much. wow, does it ever. firstly, the harmonies and backing vocals were thin. his voice added so much depth that i hadn't noticed until it wasn't there. secondly, while one may argue that both a drummer (bongos) and bodhran aren't needed, when the band has no bass instrument, the bodhran added much needed 'bottom tones' that were also lacking. as so much celtic music is high end (fiddles, whistles, and such), it is REALLY noticeable when lower-toned instruments aren't there.

got some new CDs (which i didn't get to write down, but they're at home). and a new UK. they had a black one, which...well i had promised myself that if they had a black one in my size, i'd get it. and they did. THREE IS ENOUGH I PROMISE! gotta get shoes so i can actually wear them to school!

anyway, the celtic music subculture is cool. fans and musicians intermingle. the one common denominator is the music. it brings us all together. those that can't play or sing are just as passionate as those that can, as if we could do it, we'd be up there with them. but getting to know each other as people outside of those roles? very cool. additionally, even though we ostensibly went for the express purpose of hanging with about 6-7 people, we weren't glued to them for the entire time. we all came and went, meeting up at irregular intervals, and then sometimes by design. everyone does their own thing, goes to after parties or not and generally just goes with the flow...

even when it leads us into temptation. Thursday, vitaminJ did not get home from chicago (after spending a good 8 hours at ohare due to 'weather') util 2am. so friday we were exhausted. after the GS show, the inevitable "what shall we do now?" began. there were at least 2 after parties going on. the 'official' one, and the other one. but there was a third option, go back to the hotel and sleep as we were exhausted. however, as S had come all the way from CA, he was having NONE of that. so, a fourth option arose...he talked us into "just going for the one" at a different bar.

now, on the new GS album, there's a song that details the dangers of just going for the one. oh, how i wish we had heard that first :) "going for the one" ended us up in a gay bar with a drag show!! it was A LOT OF FUN, don't get me wrong, but we were then THOROUGHLY exhausted. the men at the bar were also really digging S and vitaminJ's utilikilts ;)

can't wait 'til next year :)
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