Jan. 24th, 2006

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first off, before i forget, a MILLION thanks to [livejournal.com profile] romandruid for recommending bath salts in essential oils for the winter dry skin. and a big hug next time i see you (hopefully sunday!)

just some stuff i need to work out...(which is funny, b/c i skipped work out last night before karate because, hey there were FROSTED BROWN SUGAR AND CINNAMON POP TARTS in the vending machine, and i think we all know what THAT means...and i'm prolly not going tonight either, cos it's 4:30 now and i need to also be thinking of driving time to the hockey game....and see how i avoid the larger issues of life...?)

back on it...many folks know i'm a vegetarian. (many might not, largely because i try not to wear it as a badge on my sleeve, although sometimes when choosing dinner it comes out). kind of. i will eat fish about once a week, because there are omega-3s and omega-6s that you can't really GET anywhere else. i do eat eggs and some dairy (but not too much b/c i've developed lactose intolerance after i stopped drinking milk).

so anyway, i digress again. in the past...oh, year or so? i've been "slipping." of course, it doesn't carry the same weight as someone who is, say, an alcoholic slipping. to most folks. however, to me it does. i feel guilty about eating meat when i do. i hide it when possible. now, i'm not equating it to addiction at all. i just feel guilty about going back on what amounts to an oath. it wasn't in formal sumbl or blot or rite, but it was a decision i made for a variety of medical, environmental, political, and social reasons, and i was and AM serious about it.

(i won't bore anyone with all those, because that would be soapboxing, and while i'm not shy to the soapbox, *grin* that's not what this post is about...if anyone is interested, i will of course share).

and yet, when pressed for time...meat it is. and not the good stuff. big greasy HAMBURGERS!!! (charbroil me at the steak!!)

at times, especially now with a household that SHOULD be on a low carb diet, i often think i should just give in. it would be so much easier to not have to fix two dinners every night, and spend extra money on meatless alternatives and substitutes in addition to meat. just EASIER.

except sheer laziness to me is not a reason to break said oath. although it has been, as i anticipate going to the hockey game tonight...being STARVED (as i am right now) and being greeted with a sincere LACK of vegetarian options. the first years, they had some veggie burgers and veggie dogs at isolated refreshment stands. now the only option is the donatos cheese pizza, which is somehow 3x as greasy as the stuff they deliver to my door.

every day i run down the list of why i chose this particular dietary choice. and i find i agree with the list 100%...i've just lost willpower for some reason...

okay, that did not help. i'll leave it up in case anyone has any particular insights...


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