Feb. 8th, 2006

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yes, i know it's wednesday :)

well for those what don't read vitaminJ's journal ([livejournal.com profile] seamus_mcnasty), he's got a spot/mass/thingamadoo on his adrenal gland.

i marvel at his strength to just carry on, even with fear of what said spot/mass/thingamdoo is.

i also marvel at how my grandmother's coping mechanisms are genetic. that being 'complete meltdown.' :/ vitaminJ makes jokes...i get insomnia and extremely upset tummy to the point that i can't eat reliably for about 5 days now. i HAVE eaten, it's just been very hit-n-miss as to when i think my system can handle it. (although if morning sickness is like this, at least i'll have some experience.)

anyway, positive-outcome thoughts, prayers, spells, whatever appreciated. not particularly picky of which deity either.

i had such a shrieking headache on monday that i didn't come in. being back tuesday reminded me of just why i love this job. students were great. because they didn't KNOW any of this, they were their usual happy, silly selves. it's pledge week here, so sorority pledges get to dress strangely and carry all manner of amusing items as part of their "hazing" rites. and make funny comments to each other and me as we discuss why one is wearing an asian-inspired conical hat or why the other is carrying a stuffed baby deer. while i was dismayed that my appetite allowed for only tea and stolen saltines, they lifted my spirits considerably, and i was glad i had come in.

today too, was tough (although i appear to have successfully eaten my Amy's Country Cheddar Bowl) but i made it through.

i have craptacular Integrative Studies assessment meeting today at 4, which i'm trying to figure out a way to avoid...any ideas?

LOST and hockey are on tonight. that makes me :)

OH, and it is 53 days until WRESTLEMANIA...which means it is ALSO 53 days until WRESTLEMANIA PARTY!


Feb. 8th, 2006 03:25 pm
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one would think i'd be used to reading about marxism by now...


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