Feb. 13th, 2006

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yep. that was the tanri-lair over the weekend, and likely will be for the next 2 weeks or so.

got up at 8 on saturday (meant to get up at 7) to watch women's hockey ALL DAY! YES! i'm rooting now for the Italian team, who got beat by Canada 16-0. it was somewhat painful to watch. Canada also beat up on Germany pretty badly. Of course, watched all the other things too. Loved the opening ceremonies, but then i usually do (we missed most of them due to watching the Blue Jackets cave to the Avalanche, dammit).

mild irritation: coverage sucks, but then it always does. as i said in [livejournal.com profile] kelliem's LJ, bob costas must get paid by the word.

less-mild irritation: it's WOMEN'S hockey. no one out there has a dick (except a couple of officials). therefore, they are at a player or 2-player disadvantage, not a 2-man. they are defense, not defensemen. even AJ someone, who used to play on TeamUSA was saying it and said it was 'correct.' the female line-persons...well, that's a tad cumbersome....although they are called 'line judges' in other sports, so that would work here as well. sheesh.

tonight will be tough. i taped curling at 3am to watch, and then whatever is on tonight. and then there's the Westminster Dog Show that vitaminJ wants to watch. fortunately that pre-empts RAW so there's no wrestling conflict (although i still have Smackdown and Impact taped from the weekend). *sigh*!

U S A!! U S A!! U S A!! U S A!! U S A!! U S A!! U S A!! U S A!! U S A!! U S A!! U S A!! U S A!!


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