Feb. 17th, 2006

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Great guinness toast: reminder, eh? alas, though, they've been advertising it on local radio stations, so i fear there will be several non-regulars at the pub and while watching people who never drink guinness drink it as if it were bud light is amusing for a while, it gets old quick.

i'm also afraid it'll be crowded. so [livejournal.com profile] seamus_mcnasty and i will be getting there probably earlier than usual for pizza and darts. and more importantly, parking and seats. we'll try to save room, but if it gets too crowded and you aren't there....well, we'll do our best, but please don't be mad if we can't save seats.

bret hart's wwe return: it occurred to me as we were watching RAW last night that the hall of fame induction ceremonies are held the day before wrestlemania. wrestlemania is on april 2. that means that the induction ceremonies are on april 1.

april fool's day.

(okay, it didn't just occur to me...it was an advertisement hyping the whole thing.)

so, i see four likely scenarios with this:

1. wwe inducts bret hart w/o incident (other than maybe some snide comments and such) and w/o appearance at wrestlemania itself.

2. wwe inducts bret hart, behind the scenes they talk him into appearing at wrestlemania, and he appears as "surprise special referee" in a shawn michaels v. vince mcmahon and screws either one of them (i would love for it to be vince). they could even have him run in as a replacement ref after the original ref takes a bump and is out for maximum swervy goodness.

3. wwe, in the 'spirit of april fools' day' gets bret up to the podium at the induction ceremony, and then denies him the induction.

4. wwe, in the 'spirit of april fool's day' plays bret's music and video montage chronicling his career, and then announces that he was never going to be inducted, he's not here, and boy didn't we pull a fast one on you fans!!!

i'd say the #2 is the least likely option, and my most favorite. I'm torn between which of 1, 3, and 4 i think is the most likely.

i know none of you care about this, but i've got time to kill before my exam. although, if you want invites to the FIFTH ANNUAL WRESTLEMANIA PARTY (in 44 days) you should at least PRETEND :D


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