Feb. 24th, 2006

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1. i'm exceedingly behind in my write ups for my DP. I owe yule and imbolc.

2. i got to week 19 in my meditation requirement (i know i'm behind in those write ups as well), and then.... stopped. then vitaminJ got Potentially Bad Health News (tm) and even though i've had time in the a.m. and p.m., i stand in front of my altar and just....can't. i get to the point where i've established my grove and ask that all ill turn away from me and mine......and stop. *sigh*

this should be a time where i rely on my faith....bridhe told me as much at imbolc. my birthday tarot reading scarily enough told me this also (i'm normally skeptical, but this particular type of reading has been uncannily accurate several times...i can write that up for folks, if anyone cares...) anyway, at first it was just being too sleepy and hungry and being unable to eat or sleep. that's kind of distracting when one tries to meditate (i don't know how people who do this as part of religious practice do it).


3. speaking of wagons upon which to get, vegetarianism. i wrote a bit ago about how i've been slipping, and how, more importantly, i've felt guilty about slipping, as i still STRONGLY believe everything i believed before. i'm just lazy

soooo....i've decided to borrow from them catholics in new orleans, brazil and elsewhere. on tuesday (mardi gras) i am going out for steak.

[[ah, but it occurs to me that that is the day of vitaminJ's specialist appointment....hopefully i'll be able to eat steak....]]

anyway, my own 'lenten' period will be spent giving up meat/poultry (that's still meat) entirely and recommitting myself spiritually like i did before. maybe i just hadn't thought of how, when i first started this, it was truly instrumental to my own faith at the time, so maybe a reaffirmation of that would be useful. and, since i'm pagan, "lent" ends at spring equinox, which is earlier than easter :D
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bail now :)

so, the card for wrestlemania is getting stupider and stupider. on the raw side, Triple H has won the 'number one contender spot against John Cena. this is stupid because HHH has already been WWE Champion a bunch of times. this is also stupid because it's believed by most smarks that the only reason HHH still is getting any kind of championship contention is because he's married to a certain Stephanie McMahon who happens to be the daughter of Vince McMahon, who runs WWE.

the only possible fun that can come out of this is that we can see how small HHH muscles get. since the post-eddie guerrero death ban on 'performance enhancing substances,' a number of wrestlers are....well, let's say they aren't quite "being all they been." and HHH is one of them.

i'm really just bitching b/c my Source for Wrestling News, Online Onslaught STILL has not posted a recap of the Smackdown ppv from sunday night. it's really telling, quality-wise, that NONE of the staff watched the PPV in enough detail to do a recap. the problem is, i don't know what the set up is for tonight's Smackdown. i do know (i think) that Rey Mysterio is challenging Kurt Angle for the heavyweight belt. if you even have bothered to read this far and have even bothered to check the link, you'll see how silly THAT is given rey's size....or lack thereof....

i also know that kurt angle was supposed to be at the arnold fitness expo next weekend, and i was going to get to meet him (thru some sort of GNC vendor's reception that vitaminJ has to attend). but due to his heavyweight title responsibilities (whatever the hell those are), someone else is coming in his place....

Dave Batista

and while that link does NOT have his best picture on it (the man looks amazing in a suit), i am pretty much okay with this. :D
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i should note that debutante 'apologized' to me for her behavior at the last meeting. i can't remember what she called it. something like 'spirited' or something like that. i believe the term she should have used was 'argumentative and bullying' but i guess 'spirited' could be short hand....


i'm fairly certain that dean-i-love probably had something to do with that in their 'follow up' but i'm just guessing.


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