Feb. 28th, 2006


Feb. 28th, 2006 08:23 am
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we go to the kidney specialist this afternoon. i've canceled my afternoon classes, explaining the 'why' to my students (in vague terms). i hope they understand, i don't cancel classes lightly. (anymore...i believe i have canceled them for things like hockey playoff games, but that was grad school...)

anyway, good vibes for the man would be appreciated :)
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(apologies to those what get to see this multiple times, but i'm typing once and then pasting into various venues)

well, that was a big waste of time.

we took the entire afternoon off so the doctor could read the results AS WE WERE SITTING THERE (quite possibly for the first time) and be very blase about the whole thing.

i know they see these things daily, but a little bit of interest would have been nice.

anyway, i DID snag 2 copies of the catscan and ultrasound report.

some highlights:

Jim's spleen is unremarkable. this caused me to giggle :) (but not, of course, to remark)

okay, the IMPORTANT stuff. i'm gonna quote it b/c i know many of you speak "medicalese" and can interpret, but i think it's 'guardedly good.'

"FINDINGS: There is a low density rounded lesion involving the left adrenal gland ... measuring 3.6 x 4.3 cm in dimension. This has Hounsfield units of 11 compatible with either fluid or a fat containing structure such as an adenoma. The lesion did appear to be cystic on the previous exam [i'm assuming the ultrasound]. ... The hounsfield units on the delayed images were only 18 indicating no sigificant enhancement of the lesion.

"IMPRESSION: The patient has a nonenhancing cyst involving the left adrenal gland as descrbed above. This could be related to a residual cyst from a previous hemorrhage. Theoretically, this could be related to a fat containing adrenal adenoma. In either case, it appears benign. As an extra check, a six month follow-up ultrasound of the kidneys to include the left adrenal gland could be considered for further evaluation."

so, guardedly good news. the only hesitation we have has to do with size. the cyst is the size of a quarter, and 'they' say larger cysts/masses are more likely to be Bad (tm), SO, rather than accepting the radiologist's "let's see if it gets worse in 6 months" recommendation (and we had to argue the doctor for this), we...okay JIM is getting an MRI in the next couple of weeks, just to be SURE it's benign.

so....i'm breathing a bit of a sigh of relief, but we're not totally relaxed yet...

THANKS SO MUCH for everyone's support and vibes and spells and prayers and whatever, cos we really have felt them.



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