Mar. 3rd, 2006

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YOU CAN'T FOOL ME SPRING....i can tell you are right around the corner. the ducks have returned to the pond near our house, we saw the first robin, the geese are back and pairing off. no little white fluffly things falling from the sky can change that fact!!

the lilies are starting to come up, but no sign of the daffodils or 'goth tulips.' i hope they didn't die over the winter.

i need to finish up some imbolc stuff and GET MY ASS TO WORK on ostara. mostly writing shit down. it's all in my brain. it's like since we got 'news' my brain has realized there are all these OTHER things to work on besides worrying and we'll just work on them ALL AT ONCE! must prioritize!

i may have screwed up....we had department meeting yesterday, and i didn't go. now, i had a good reason: it was the dreaded "Day 2" and i basically bled through everything i brought with me (and wore!) by 3pm, so i HAD to go home. either that, or i feared leaving a trail behind me for CSI to investigate. so, a quick e-mail to tweak (who had not sent an agenda, it should be noted) and i was gone. i didn't really explain (b/c for some reason telling her is different from telling you all and whatever random strangers are reading this? yeah, doesn't make sense...)

so, i don't know what if anything was decided. who knows, perhaps i'm out of a program :) whatever.

AHNOLD FITNESS EXPO this weekend!!! i'm planning for SURE on being their sunday, but i kinda wanna go saturday too, especially since [ profile] mistw02 is going saturday, and maybe my friend E.

and i get to meet batista, which i've already expounded upon... :D

i also get to do 'media deprivation day.' i'm making my pop culture students go 24 hours w/o television, radio, internet (except for school getting out of a paper b/c of my class!). they hate it :) but i promised i'd do it too, and while saturday is my day to catch up school work, it's ALSO my day to catch up on thinks i've recorded....soooooooooooooooooo.....i'll be behind. but spring break is coming up, and i can catch up then...

OOO...battlestar galactica!! cut for spoilers... Read more... )


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