Mar. 7th, 2006

week 10

Mar. 7th, 2006 04:44 pm
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well, here it is week 10. thank the gods. finals next week, then RELAX...not. then prep for next quarter. spring 'break' my ass...

anyway, i did what i had planned and had a LOVELY steak on tuesday, mardi gras. and no meat (other than selected types of fish) since then. well, wait, there was some ham on the hawaiian pizza that i was unable to avoid (got most of it off though), but that wasn't intentional.

first big test comes tonight, as i go to first post-olympic hockey game. the cheeseburgers...they CALLLLL to me.....

i've decided to redo a 'fast' we did several years ago. it's not a TRUE no eating fast, but more of a cleanse. basically it's a week of avoiding all animal stuff (with the exception of honey) and gradually working down to a weekend of fruits and vegetables.

last time we got to saturday afternoon and finally said 'WE'RE HUNGRY' and completely disregarded the recommendations in the program and went out for mexican....BIG mistake. i didn't get sick, but i did get loogy (the only word that can possibly describe it) and slept for about 14 hours i think :)

other than THAT it was a good experience. :D

this will start AFTER the ostara rites i'm leading...yes riteS. i'm leading the groves with MUCH help from grove mates, who are all majorly inspiring in their own ways (yes, you! i mean YOU!) and the also for our circle, which seems to be dwindling down to ... me. should be a short ritual at least. :/ however, it seems fitting somehow. lots of folks on my flist and otherwise are looking for that turning-over-new-leaf thing, either with something small or something life-alteringly-large. so ima be thinking on that as i write both of them.


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