Apr. 18th, 2006

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i know no one cares...but here it is. especially for those of you who think that we professors just show up for class and have nothing better to do! :) (i miscounted in le earlier post)


1. write intro soc exam
2. grade intro soc exam.
3. call/e-mail IT about SQL and get back to Commander D (in progress)
4. call scioto village (tour)
5. call juvenile detention center (tour)
6. call juvenile court (tour)
7. call juvenile detective/school resource officer (guest speaker)
8. call children's services (guest speaker)
9. check on 4/25 and 7/21 for recruitment/academic advising
10. annual evaluations (mine and tweak's; in progress)
11. copies of syllabi to tweak and academic affairs
12. week 4 readings (in progress)
13. week 3 readings (in progress)
14. find readings for intro soc for weeks 8 and 9 (this is week 4)
15. promotion portfolio timeline


1. e-mail [livejournal.com profile] aislinggheal about henna-ing? the tops of my feet and bribe her with roller derby article!
2. vacuum.
3. week 6 readings.
4. week 5 readings.
5. clean bathroom.
6. trash/recycling
7. clean kitchen
8. mop floors.
9. dust.
10. schedule various appointments for heart, nose, eyes, psyche, uterus.
11. merlin to vet
12. neko to vet


1. week 10 readings.
2. Week 8 readings
3. week 9 readings.
4. week 7 readings
5. affirmative action paper (which needs a whole list of its own, really)
6. renew NCSA membership.
7. renew ACS membership
8. renew ASA membership (these are all low priority b/c they require MONEY
9. get biography to S for ADF warrior's guild webpage.
10. attack admin pile (in progress, and always will be)
11. look for books for alien abduction project.
12. somali immigrant project proposal
13. teaching portfolio evaluations (will be important for promotion)

that oughtta keep me busy...and now i've killed 15 more minutes!


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