Apr. 28th, 2006

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thanks for all the happy thoughts and vibes.

vitaminj is in cleveland for a division meeting. it's just me and tanrimil. i'm trying to care about smackdown....it's not working. althoough i'm amused that they are in london and everyone is rooting for kurt angle and not rey mysterio. mysterio is the face, or should be, but the last few weeks he's been getting boos.

(too lazy to link the lingo and characters...you all have google if you're THAT interested :) )

been working on our home beltaine rite. i know how it ENDS (*nudge nudge wink wink*) but getting the other elements i want to mesh with the 'big finish' has given me writer's block.

bought pansies and flower boxes for the deck. tanrimil went with me after her pt appointment, and we had a good time. i should also mention that whenever i take her to PT she buys me tim horton's coffee afterwards :)

anywa, re: the deck, can't wait for the canopy. it may be 65 everywhere else, but the sun doesn't set on the tanrideck, (seriously) and it's usually about 80.

i think i deserve double stuff oreos. i shall go do that.

(oh jeezus-krist...mark henry already lost one match in typical sucky fashion...wtf is he doing BACK in the ring now?)
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so, i'm reading the Dream of Angus for beltaine inspiration.


can they do NOTHING without first feasting for 3 days and nights? no WONDER the vikings took over.

Irish guy: hey, have another meal!
Viking guy: sure, after we pillage and burn!


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