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So, probably 4 years ago, i was having lunch with the debutante in the facutly dining room, and she got up to leave. I said, "See you back at the ranch." She found that delightfully funny (as only an aging debutante could) and i thought she was just being polite, because that's just what one does...

here it is many years later, and she INVARIABLY, when leaving the dining room before me, or when i leave before her (i try to avoid the walk back to our building together) will say "see you back at the ranch."

it's not THAT funny, is it?
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i should note that debutante 'apologized' to me for her behavior at the last meeting. i can't remember what she called it. something like 'spirited' or something like that. i believe the term she should have used was 'argumentative and bullying' but i guess 'spirited' could be short hand....


i'm fairly certain that dean-i-love probably had something to do with that in their 'follow up' but i'm just guessing.
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i'm not even here 10 minutes. i get my coffee and sit down to talk to our administrative assistant, whom i love.

debutante comes in (does NOT say 'excuse me' or 'i'm sorry to bother you,' in marked contrast to her usual insistance on all social proprieties, whether appropriate or not). her problem?

"well, my computer...it turned on by itself before i was able to log in, and now i can't get to my e-mail."


Feb. 16th, 2006 04:39 pm
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or alert level orange, take yer pick.

seriously...fuck with my career and you fuck with my life.

and then i'm morally and ethically justified to fuck with you.

(and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] _boy_ for correcting my defcon levels :D )
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well, that was....uneventful. DAMMIT!

just when i think i have this place figured out.

debutante was here, participated, agreeable, non-combative....i suspect she is actually a pod person. either way, it was far less entertaining that i would have liked, so thus i have no tales with which to regale you.

or she is just resigned to the fact that, to paraphrase a certain character on Lost, "there's a new sherriff in town"

oh, speaking of which, i'll cut for those who haven't watched that. tanrinia does not spoil...

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