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at the peedee. the IT flunkies discovered whatever loophole existed that allowed us to get at yahoo mail a month or so ago and fixed it. bastages...

rey mysterio IS going to be wrestling for the heavyweight title at WMXXII, but in a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH with randy orton (yawn) and angle. i guess this MIGHT make the match interesting, but as Young Randall has the mic skills of a houseplant, and the charisma of same, i'm not sure angle and mysterio can bring enough entertainment to match. Young Randall is okay in the ring, but it took them like a year to figure out he made a much better heel than face.

it's too bad they fired orton's dad Cowboy Bob Orton b/c Young Randall's nickname of "The Legend Killer" practically allowed for a storyline where he targets his father as his next legend-victim to write itself....

it could be worse...they could have added Chris F. Masters, the best way invented yet to suck all excitement out of an arena...

(this is turning into a sports post....)

watching the olympics. i'll put in a cut here, to guard spoilers )

and then tomorrow a.m....MEN'S HOCKEY GOLD MEDAL GAME! at least a blue jacket comes home with a medal :)
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gods how i love thee!

last weekend i watched four hockey games straight 2 days in a row. it's a good thing i have employment, otherwise i'd be in some sort of hockey induced coma :)

i discovered that a former student of mine from OSU is playing on the Italy team! (Andre Signorelli). i tried yesterday to find an e-mail address, to no avail. even a team-italy website would have maybe had a generic contact information.

andre is a defender (see earlier post re: defensemen) and had 1 SOG and 1 penalty today. they lost.

i fear that team canada will win the women's division. they've been slaughtering their opponents, whereas team USA has been merely beating them.

team usa men are once again choking. sheesh. go czech republic. and italy :)


in other sports news, bret hart will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and actually APPEAR there, but not at Wrestlemania XXII. for reasons why this is significant, go here although this one has a very interesting take from bret's perspective. here's hoping once there, vince can 'wear him down' (again) and he can maybe screw shawn michaels :)

in other sports news


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