Mar. 28th, 2006

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okay, let's see.

MOST importantly, first off, vibes to [ profile] ceolnamara. i was incommunicado and couldn't send happy good vibes for her 'procedure,' so now i'm sending vibes for swift and sure recovery and good results.

Wrestlemania party SUNDAY!!! 6:30 PM AT MY HOUSE!! If you didn't get a private invite, it's cos i didn't think you were a wrestling fan. you don't have to be, (my friend J is coming, and she's not), but you can be entertained by the TRUE wrestling geeks (that would by my husband and his friend S) who can recite history better than i can refer to star trek afraid, be very afraid!

so let me know if you're interested, and i'll send you the specifics.

and thank the gods, daylight savings time starts. now (once the initial whining ends) we can get on to SPRING!!!)

last quarter wrap-up.

the good, the bad, and the ugly )

[ profile] seamus_mcnasty's next appoitnment is 4/4, and i can't go. continued vibes that 'andy the mass' is still just a huge cyst and will require monitoring, or be easily removable will be greatly appreciated.

over the break i cut down my caffeine intake TREMENDOUSLY, and i'm not happy about it. i don't care what anyone says, decaf coffee sucks ass, even if it's decaf hazelnut cappuccino with whipped cream and whole milk.

so, on to this quarter. i'm teaching intro soc, which went well today. i'm using new books, so we'll see :) and juvenile delinquency, which only has 6 students in it (maybe 7, i think one was going to try to add), which will necessitate a change in dynamic. lecture works well for sucks for 6, so we'll maybe decide how we want to proceed today. they're all seniors, so maybe we can make it more a seminar where they give ideas on how to run things. i would love that. i also have a student doing an independent study on gay teenagers, so we'll see how that goes.

things i need to do in the next two weeks.

1. establish a timeline for my promotion application. i'm eligible for 'ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR'. woot! so i have to put together a committee, a portfolio, etc. it's not due for a while, but i know how i am :)

2. call various doctors: eyes, heart, uterus to be specific :)

3. minutes from 3CG meeting (HEY GROVIES...FREAKIN' VOTE!!! WOULD YA?)

4. other miscellaneous 3CG stuff (site bookings, e-mail reference summerlands)

5. RE ESTABLISHING FREAKING DAILY DEVOTIONALS! 19 out of 20 weeks of my meditation requirement, and i lose steam. great. i also need to finish articles for Oak Leaves and for Crane Chatter

6. pre-reg for trillium, summerlands, trothmoot, wellspring...oy.

probably a host of other things. best get to them, i s'pose :)


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