Mar. 29th, 2006

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YES, you are all thrilled, i know. (some of this is a repeat from yesterday's postings, but i've been handed some stuff and remembered others.

1. establish a timeline for my promotion application. i'm eligible for 'ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR'. woot! so i have to put together a committee, a portfolio, etc. it's not due for a while, but i know how i am :)

2. call various doctors: eyes, heart, uterus, sinuses, psyche to be specific :)

3. minutes from 3CG meeting (HEY GROVIES...FREAKIN' VOTE!!! WOULD YA?)

4. other miscellaneous 3CG stuff (site bookings, e-mail reference summerlands)

5. RE ESTABLISHING FREAKING DAILY DEVOTIONALS (and write up the weeks i haven't written yet)! 19 out of 20 weeks of my meditation requirement, and i lose steam. great. i also need to finish articles for Oak Leaves and for Crane Chatter

5a. update DP on yule, imbolc, and ostara

6. pre-reg for trillium, summerlands, trothmoot, wellspring...oy. (and try to figure out how to pay for them all...)

7. pick up DVD player from repair shop. yes, i fix things rather than throw them away. sue me.

8. send e-sympathy card (cheesy, but i can't find the person's real address)
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if we don't get a quorum, the election doesn't count and we have to do it all over again.

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before i forget this, b/c it's just too funny. i had initially told someone that the 4-leggeds appear to be getting along fine...well......

Monday, while i was at karate apparently, garth and neko (both cats) were on the landing poking their heads thru the bars so jim could pet them (our steps go up about 6 steps, landing, then a 90degree turn and up 5-6 more steps) Sassy (dog. shih tzu to be specific) and tanrimil were getting ready to go outside. so, sassy sees G&N getting some loving and not HER, and is none too happy with THAT, so she barks and charges down the steps. neko, being the wisest 4-legged in the house, gets the heck out of dodge. garth (having recovered from toothcleaning, but still a bit grumpy about the 2x daily antibiotics) turns and just THUMPS on sassy.

you know how cats do that thing with their front paws WHAMWHAMWHAMWHAMWHAMWHAM! really fast? like that, and with feeling. and then he ran down the steps.

so sassy's sitting there, going "huh?" at which point, garth decides he has NOT been clear enough in whatever he was saying, LEAPS from the bottom step UP SIX STEPS to the landing and WHAMWHAMWHAMWHAMWHAMWHAMWHAMWHAM!!! again.

(the tanrisis says "dog's are so funny when they are trying to learn these important lessons: dont' f*ck with cats)

sassy's response again was "wtf?????"

so, after thumping her a SECOND time he runs back down the steps where [ profile] seamus_mcnasty is observing all this. his eyes (garth's) were HUGE, fur all puffed up, mouth wide open...classic Pissed Off Kitty (tm) so he's sees vitaminJ's foot move, and attacks THAT and chews on his shoe for a while.
VitaminJ just looked down at him until he was done, and asked "are you finished?"

Garth stalked off, (probably stomping his feet, but we can't hear that with the carpet) and growled for about 20 minutes more....

when i got home and heard the tale, i looked at Garth and said "well, at least you won."


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