Week 15

Dec. 28th, 2005 03:46 pm
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ta da:

Mon. 12/19: (recovering from driving back from EEEEEvil detroit...whoever invented 'michigan turns' should be shot.)
Tue 12/20: AM Ehwaz
Wed 12/21: AM Jera PM Muin

12/22 and 12/25 were basically spent wishing i could die and get it over with already.

actually, that's not true. i was feeling more lifelike by the 24th, but then family festivies sadly took over. overall not a good week for meditation.
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i almost wrote 'meditation crap' but then i figured that would not be the best terminology, even in jest :)

so, here goes...as always, those better at runes and ogham than i am, if you see something important, let me know :)

week 12
11/28 - AM Othala/PM Ailum (Fir)
11/29 - AM Ansuz/PM Tinne (Holly)
11/30 - AM Jera/PM Gort (Ivy)
12/1 - AM Tir
12/2 - AM Naudhiz/PM Straif (blackthorn)
12/3 - AM Isa/PM Ruis (Elder)
12/4 - AM Kenaz/PM Beith (birch)

Week 13
12/5 - AM Wunjo/PM Coll (Hazel)
12/6 - AM Hagalaz
12/7 - AM Uruz
12/8 - AM Sowilo/PM Ur (Heather)
12/9 - AM Perthro
12/10 - AM Wunjo/PM Luis (Rowan) and Muin (Vine)
12/11 - oops.

I should point out that actually, two wednesdays in a row, Woden actually gave me the blank rune which i keep in the bag solely so i know where it is if i need to replace one that gets lost. har har.

Week 14
12/12 - AM Isa/PM Ruis (Elder)
12/13 - AM Ansuz/PM Ailim (Pine), Nuin (Ash), Fearn (Alder)
12/14 - AM Perthro/PM full moon circle
12/15 - AM Isa/PM Huath (Hawthorn)
12/16 - AM Raidho/PM Nuin (ash)
12/17 - AM Ansuz

i have noticed that i tend to get Isa when i'm going to be going into difficult situations where i may need to ice down my temper (who, me?). i also got it the day i burned my finger REALLY BADLY making hard tack candy and on at least 2 days when there were icy conditions.

Week 11

Nov. 30th, 2005 02:29 pm
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getting caught up with stuff...

Mon 11/21 AM Sigel
Tue 11/22 AM Nyd PM Sword of Nuada
Wed 11/23 AM Ger
Thu 11/24 AM As PM Edad (Aspen)
Fri 11/25 AM Sigel PM Onn (Furze/Gorse)
Sat 11/26 tummy flu :(
Sun 11/27 AM Wen

lots of stuff about enlightenment, creativity (especially mental), determiniation, effort, but the good kind. i had it all kinda figured out as i went, but lost it with all the grading.
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i'm still tired. stayed up WAY too late talking and NOT drinking. i have apparently lost my ability to process alcohol, so that ONE GUINNESS at 7pm still has me ill at 4 a.m. dammit.

oh well, it'll save $$ that way.

week 11 daily meditation/devotion thingy

Mon 11/14 Fehu
Tue 11/15 Sowilo
Wed 11/16 Gebo
Thu 11/17 Cert (apple)
Fri 11/18 Gebo Coll (hazel
Sat 11/19 Isa

my 2cent interpretation of that week...lots of stuff about gifts (2 gebo). cert and coll have healing type things. isa can be interpreted many ways, but given the rest of the week, it would seem the recommendation is 'waiting' (cert has that too...rest) coll is sometimes hidden wisdom. feju and sowilo don't really fit that though, at least my reading.

opinions welcome.

week 9

Nov. 14th, 2005 03:58 pm
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eh, life, she must go on....

11/7 AM Ken PM Cauldron of Dagda and Spear of Lugh
11/8 AM Beorc PM Ur (heather)
11/9 AM Daeg
11/10 AM Man
11/11 AM Man
11/12 AM Ing

so, um, yeah...evenings still problematic...hockey season and all.
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as this is only for archival purposes (i could swear i wrote it in when i first got the damn journal, but that was pre-tags and i don't feel like wading thru tagless entries).

so, here is my morning/evening thing. i've been encouraged on some CR lists i am on that this fits in with that system, and i already know it works for asatru. yay :) i'll put it behind a cut for those what couldn't care less...

Read more... )


Nov. 7th, 2005 02:25 pm
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well...i'm a little disappointed in the way my samhain season worked out, for all the stress and angst i 'entertained' everyone with....but let's get started with the write-up. (adf-ers, dep preceptory and ex-preceptory types invited to comment...everyone else too.)

What Samhain Means )

stone soup circle )

Three Cranes )

hearth )

so, now it's on to yule...what does one do for 12 days? :)
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Week 7:

how 'bout we just not talk about week 7?

Week 8:

definitely much better. way back on track. omens pulled were:

MON: Naudhiz
TUE: Thurisaz
WED: Wunjo
THU: Thurisaz
FRI: Berkano
SAT: Naudhiz
SUN: Ehwaz

i'm working on putting them together as some sort of reading for the week...any runemeisters out there, feel free to weigh in.

AND i discovered that doing my evening devotions when i get home from work around 5-6 rather than late at night right before bed time when exhausted meant i actually GOT THEM DONE! hallelujah!

for completeness' sakes:

TUE: Nion (ash)
THU: Huath (hawthorn....lots of thorns this week....)
FRI: Fearn (alder), Eadha (aspen), Ailim (fir), and Huath again (morrigan was chatty....)
SAT: Tinne (holly)

the usual way i draw these is using the cards (oghams are ALMOST DONE), and then as i shuffle, invariably one pops out. except friday, when FOUR did. hence "morrigan was chatty."

any ogham-meisters are also welcome to discuss.

i've discovered that the house does not need to be totally silent for this to happen. i'm able to focus, do the 9 breaths, open the gates, visualize as needed, and feel the connection without being distracted by the radio, jim snoring, or anything except cats on the altar (garth likes to put out candles).

i don't think i've put the text to my morning devotions in here, so i'll do that next, perhaps. if only b/c when i'm done with this, meesa gonna just grab the tagged entries and use those as the documentation of said DP.

so that's where i'm at. OH 2 months down, 3 to go (but who's counting). i'm not sure this fits the 'mental training' aspect, as i am not actually MEDITATING (although i HAVE, it's not really a goal unless i have the time...forcing it does not work), but it's what i'm doing.

Week 6

Oct. 26th, 2005 11:48 am
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and all is not well....and not looking up for week 7 :/

10/19: Dagaz
10/20: mannaz
10/21: Naudiz
10/22: hagalaz
10/23: Fehu

obviously getting back on track taking a bit more than anticipated. and we'll note the absence of ogham which means that yes, slothing on the couch took priority over a certain pantheon....bah
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oh yeah....that....

so, for the past 4 weeks i've been following the same procedure as outlined earlier. to recap:
germans in the a.m./celts in the p.m. runes in the a.m./ogham in the p.m. simple solo rite with offering in the a.m./solo rite WITH 9 breaths in the p.m. the 9 breaths is about instantaneous now, and a few times, i did the evening offering rite in my head (visualizing everything at an altar i visualized a while back). cool me.

here's the break down:

Week 2:
9-19 AM wunjo
9-20 AM fehu
9-21 AM berkano PM huath
9-22 AM berkano PM onn
9-23 AM Kenaz PM Fearn
9-24 AM Tyr PM Eadha

Week 3
9/25 Kenaz/Fearn
9/26 Naudhiz/ --
9/27 Tyr/stone of destiny
9/28 Ansuz/Ngetal
9/29 Fehu/Ur
9/30 Mannaz/Gort
10/1 Sowilo/Duir

i'm sure if i was further along in my studies, i could divine some pattern or such. those with more experience, feel free to chime in, but that will come with time.


week 4
10/2-10/8 um...nothing.

week 5
10/9-10/15 um...nothing.

the lesson we have learned is that even the slightest disruption to my schedule (the beginning of hockey season, mil moving in) has ripple effects thru everything...so i need to learn therefore to NOT LET IT.

for the last 2 weeks of the month (should have been 4 weeks, but...):

hm...i guess i've gone thru all the stuff with basic trance, breathing, two powers, etc. in the DP manual under mental training, and i do my version of the simple devotional...SO YAY I'M DONE!!! :)

no, i will continue to do what i have been and we'll update then to see what's what. i hope to improve my visualizations of deities, learning of runes/oghams, practice visualizing runes/oghams (i did find cool rune cards at pearls of wisdom (ugh) but i'll need to go back and get them)...PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!
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...because holidays are too much fun to celebrate only once :) if there's typos, just deal with it. no snooty grammar comments.

what mabon means to me )

three cranes grove rite )

hearth rite )

stone soup circle rite )

blackthorn temple rite )

all in all, not AS great as my summer solstice stuff was...but that's okay. i have some ideas for how to change for next year.
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weekends being what they are, i did'nt write too much about them in my paper journal, but did try to jot stuff down to remember them...so....

Friday 9/16 AM Freya - i see her with long golden (red-blonde) hair. some is in long stereotypical viking braids, some is not. i see her outside in a meadow with flowers.

rune: Tir. not sure what to make of it, other than the obvious connection with Tyr, which aswynn has as the keyword. thorssen says: justice, world order, victory, self-sacrifice, spiritual discipline. self-discipline really seems to fit. i've been doing this for 3.5 days. need to keep it up. this is the right path.

9/16 PM Mannanan mac Lir and Morrigan

9 breaths...i've REALLY got this down, much more quickly than i thought i would. yay me :)

Mannanan mac Lir appears and draws the mists slightly away. he reveals the home of the morrigan. it is dark and desolate, but not cold. she is there -- pale skin, dark hair that looks somewhat disheveled. her eyes have a wild look about them and she smiles oddly. she has nothing for me...it's not anger or hostility i feel from her, her attentions are just elsewhere. i also don't feel afraid, just respectful, and i respectfully leave her alone. Mac Lir does appear to be more engaged. and no, he doesn't look EXACTLY like skip...but close :)

Luis - rowan: P&J Guarding power, stimulus, creativity; thorssen - insight and quickening.

More about looking within myself, get rid of bad things so blessings can come in. P&R mention clean, orderly, calm home, and HEY, it's SUPERFLING BOOGIE TIME so this is very appropriate. :)

bad evil me did not do this sat or sun :( or if i did, i didn't write them down :(

so week one (okay, not a full week...sue me...DENY ME DEDICANT STATUS IF YOU WILL :) i was more successful in both visualizing deities, 9 breaths, and 'entering cards' than i ever dreamed i could be. i'm kinda psyched to continue, but don't tell anyone!

plans for week 2:

1. hit deities i missed this week (and those i didn't!)
2. keep up with the 9breaths.
3. keep up with offerings.
4. start looking at patterns in omens (both runes and oghams)
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what is the sound of one all-father laughing...

of course, [livejournal.com profile] singingwren was correct in her usual wise-beyond-her-years way when she said:

maybe you got Wunjo because the All-Father wanted you to look hard to FIND Wunjo in the day despite all the trials that lay before you

and i had completely lost site of the bright spot of monday which was the e-mail i got from a former student who is doing well now in graduate school and owes it all to us (me and the debutante, of all people). *grin*

and the bright spot of coming home to vitaminJ :)

yesterday's rune was fehu and i found a dollar. ho ho, very funny :)

today's is berkano...to which vitaminJ promptly said in homersimpson voice "booooooooobs"

i'm dissing the celts....monday i was too exhausted and distraught. poor danu and soveriegnty^3 get screwed every monday b/c its post karate and i'm asleep on the couch right after i finish dinner at 8. i'm thinking about switching their places...celts in the a.m. dark half of the year, aesir/vanir the light, or leading up to a celtic holiday/germanic holiday or something....

but now it's lunch time...and i can't say i like the mood symbol for that in gothchick :/
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thursday 9/15 PM, the dagda )

the dream )

feel free to interpret liberally, as i've already done my analysis.
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yay fog. if only i could concentrate on the fog instead of idiot drivers who don't turn on their lights. and just WHY is everyone in such an all fired hurry to GET TO WORK? shouldn't you all be speeding in the evening when you're going home, so i didn't have to pass your asses every 5 minutes?

either way, LiminalBabe is happy with the foggy dew...

she is not at all happy with the state of her body however. i'm not talking about my usual weight angst (although i discovered exactly WHERE i gained my weight ... i tried to put on a skirt yesterday i hadn't worn 'in a while' and couldn't get it passed mid thigh. yep. all ass and hips. note to self: be more specific when asking for places to gain weight. vitaminJ however, is ecstatic, but that's prolly too much information, so....)

yesterday was first full day of actual work. mon and tue are all about 'here, let me read you the syllabus and make sure we're all in the right room, etc. and yes, i have stories about student...well, not incompetence necessarily, but damn they amuse me at times with finding the hardest way possible to do the easiest thing in the world. (quite possibly b/c i relate so well with that :)

so, wednesday was first actual CLASS, and department meeting (once again considerably less painful w/o the debutante...i can't stress that enough..... ) so, tired is me. got home, vitaminJ and i cooked dinner and did housey things. but MAN my legs and feet and ankles were just THROBBING. we watched raw from monday night...falling asleep AGAIN thru it but saw enough of it to keep up with story lines (and there's the ever excellent raw recap which is often FAR MORE ENTERTAINING than the actual show...

then i lay me down to sleep (post meditation) and the lower back feels like i'm stretching it on the rack. "Yes body i hear you...i will call chiropracter tomorrow i promise." this does take attention away from the persistent ground sleeping induced hip-pain, but i'm not sure i like the trade off. then when i wake up this a.m., it's all in my neck and shoulders (school starts = reading and computer work with probably bad posture, even though i start out trying to be good.) so there will also be an appointment made in all likelihood with [livejournal.com profile] duriyah for a massage (i'll try and get a hold of you later...)

none of this kept me from my spiritual duties (although i did get up late cos i didn't feel as though i could safely move my head without it falling off), so....

Wednesday Night--Lugh and Ogma )

Thursday AM -- Thor )
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morning devotions stuff:

Read more... )
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yes, you read that right...don't fall over, [livejournal.com profile] chronarchy and [livejournal.com profile] romandruid :)

well, now that i have my altar set up, no sense in not using it, eh? no i don't have pictures. i'll put this behind the cut, for those who could care less...

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*whew* finally caught up with e-mails and pre-school start admin crap. and let me just say, there's been a LOT of that (just google "MOTET Otterbein College")...

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(if any of you have had a similar experience, please chime in :)

so, i went outside to the rock after lunch for my post-lunch meditation attempt. i'm enjoying them even when i don't really accomplish anything meditation wise, and it'll be sad when school starts again and there are throngs of barely post-adolescent people meandering loudly about, ("what's crazy dr. k doing?")...not to mention the very LOW likelihood i'll be wanting to sit my butt in the snow against an ice covered rock...but i digress...

anyway, sat down, breathed, attempted the 9 breaths meditation. i've got the breathing down (4 in 4 out) pretty well, now, so i'm just starting to try for some simple visualizations. i seem to be able to do it okay when other folks lead it, so now it's just leading it meself.

anyway, whether its the full belly, or the sound of workers, but i can't really do it at all, so i decide on just some random musing. i talk to our late vp academic affairs, who is posthumously at the heart of a small scandal, and consequently not around to defend himself :/ there's a tree planted in his honor directly across from where i sit.

then i start thinking of Woden, what with it being Woden's Day and all. i "hadn't had time" for a morning hail, which i know is a lie...i've come to the conclusion that there is plenty of time for what i want to do, i just need to actually do it and not sit on the couch (or in front of the computer typing LJ updates :D ) thinking/writing about it. anyway, i'm trying to see if i can write a song "odin on the tree for nine days...." it's not working of course. i also enter the circular rat race of "i need to do X, but first i need to do Y and i haven't done Z for so long, i wish i 'had more time.' "

it is of course at this point that i hear a very clear voice saying "if i can hang on a tree for nine days, you can do what you need to get done."

[note: i don't ever have visions or anything. whenever i believe i am experiencing divinity, it is in this way...a voice or thought from out of the blue. of course, i could also be in the beginning stages of dementia, but i like the divine intervention theory better.]

that startles me out of my self-pity-time-trap daydream....whoa.

dammit...it's kinda fading now...something along the lines of "just shut up and do it." oh....uh, okay....yes sir!!! each excuse is met with 'if i can hang on a tree for nine days, you can do something for 15 minutes"

[the juxtaposition of my religion and my flylady cult is kinda bizarre, i know...]

i believe at one point one of the things i wanted to have more time for was this whole meditation thing, which the response was "You need practice. Until you get it, you will get nothing else. If I can hang on a tree...(etc.)"

so, (if it's not too flaky sounding) i believe i have been spoken to...and given a task. this is good...right?
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